Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Four-eyed family

Noah is officially joining our four-eyed family! John and I both have glasses and now Noah is going to too!  We are going tomorrow to get him fitted for glasses so I will definitely post pictures!  Noah has accomodative estoropia.  He is far-sighted and crosses his eyes when he is trying to focus.  His eyes also shake every once in a while but the doctor was not worried about that yet because it was so minimal.  I asked if he has a lazy eye and he said no, he is crossed-eyed because both eyes will cross (or one or the other) when he is trying to focus on something.  The doctor said Noah has to wear his glasses 24/7...even while sleeping!  And if we take his glasses off, he may be even more crossed-eyed because his brain will now know what he's really supposed to see and will be trying to compensate for it.  So the glasses will hopefully correct this and by the time he gets into his teens he won't need glasses anymore!

Can you imagine this cutie with glasses?!
 We also recently got some great family photos done, check them out!

One good looking family!

Love when Noah laughs!


Handsome fellow!

To our surprise, TJ starting singing!  I had to get video of it because it was so cute and then Noah started dancing.  What a cute pair they make!  Just wish the Rudolph doll did the whole song!



  1. Beautiful family you have...all four of us wear glasses so we can be in your club too! :)

  2. Aw, such a sweet video, Noah is so cute swaying back and forth! Can't wait to see how adorable he looks in glasses!! How come he has to wear them even when he sleeps?

  3. Your family pictures are beautiful. I love seeing Noah smile! Can't wait to hold him in just 3 weeks!