Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Noah's sitting...almost!

First Bumbo sitting!

This is the first week we actually put Noah in a Bumbo at therapy!  His neck is actually strong enough now to hold his head up!  It's such a great milestone after doing hours and hours of tummy time!

Trying to catch his balance

He is propped up pretty good in the picture above, but of course his mid-section (trunk) still isn't quite strong enough to hold his body up so he does slump over to the side.  He's a little wobbly!

Noah's new thing is to have his fingers in his mouth constantly!  He loves that thumb!  Trying to feed him and keep his thumb and other hand out of his mouth at the same time is a feat!

I'm so proud of my little guy for getting this far so fast! 

In physical therapy today the therapist said Noah is a Level 2 (see below) which means he has good leg strength but not so much arm strength.  Noah does not want to straighten his elbows or put weight on his arms.  So we'll have to keep working on that.  He has also had great improvement on his rolling skills, so we're happy about that!  Keep it up Noah!!

What I'm told the Levels are:
Level 1: good leg and arm strength
Level 2: good leg strength but not arm strength
Level 3: good arm strength but not leg strength
Level 6: neither have good strength = pretty floppy

(I don't think this is a medical diagnosis, just what some therapists use to describe the floppiness in children with Down syndrome)


  1. Go Noah! Can't wait to see these new skills on Sunday!

  2. That's great! I didn't try the bumbo out with Russell until he was about 6 months old...I was surprised how well he did in it the first time and wished I had tried it sooner!